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Our Story

Take 5 is the brainchild of Ms. Lakisha Carter, a 20+ year veteran middle school teacher.  Classroom management quickly became a passion of Ms. Carter in her early years of teaching, as she understood that no learning could take place in a classroom without a proper management system.  After years of trying many different published best practices approaches, to no avail, Ms. Carter decided to go back to school to earn a Master's in General Administration, and a few years later, returned for a second Master's in Curriculum & Instruction.  Armed with new research information, she created her research-based classroom management system.  After a few years of collecting data and tweaking, she finally had it. The Take 5 Learning Management system was born!  

Students, colleagues, parents, and administration alike, took notice of her unconventional use of classroom discipline.  The system is designed to help build positive relationships while holding everyone accountable for their actions and behaviors.  Take 5 uses a universal approach which leads to an overall decrease in office discipline referrals, less teacher burnout, and increased student engagement.  The system was created to help teachers build more positive interactions around disciplining disruptive behaviors in the classroom.  It provides restorative opportunities, thus allowing teachers to remain calm during the process and allowing students to make informed decisions.  If you are looking to change the culture and climate of your building from chaos to calm, look no further!

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